EZM Edelstahlzieherei Mark, Machine and Plant Construction, manufactures drum dyeing and textile finishing machines as well as vacuum steamers and offer also their overhaul, spare parts and the service of the machines. In cooperation with our partner WMU Wärmebehandlungsanlagen für die Industrie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH in Bönen, we produce drum furnaces as well as surface treatments. In addition we are specialists for the overhaul and repair of spring production machines.

Wer wir sind


Who we are

EZM Edelstahlzieheri Mark, Machine and Plant Construction, is a member of the EZM-Group, a medium-sized enterprise comprising three companies with over more than 300 employees...


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Unsere Erfahrung


Our experience

Our qualified team has over 40 years experience in manufacturing drum dyeing machines, textile finishing machines, drum furnaces, surface treatment and spring production machines. …


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Unser Anspruch


Our mission

EZM is your reliable partner from the first inquiry through to engineering, manufacturing and shipment...


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