The COLORMAT C H.T. is the ideal machine for dyeing ready-to-weare garments of polyester and its blends.


By means of a high-capacity pump, the dyeing bath circulates parallel to the outer drum of the machine. This circulation results in a gentle recirculation of the dyeing bath in addition to the drum rotation. This process allows extremly gentle dyeing processes with very slow drum speeds.


In connection with a multi-function dosing system, the liquor ratio remains unchanged when dosing chemicals and dyestuffs, as for the dosing process liquor from the machine can be used (instead of fresh water). Rinse waters accruing from the dosing process do not change the lquor ratio.


As a standard all high-temperature drum dyeing machines can reach a maximum dyeing temperature of 142 °C / 284 °F corresponding to 3 bar. The machine as well as all mounting parts installed correspond to the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and the valid directives of the German Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV Nord). Each machine is submitted to an EC unit verification according to Module B, AD2000.


The exterior drum is connected to the stable base frame of the machine by vibration absorbers so that a machine operation poor in vibrations is guaranteed. If the admissible unbalance is exceeded, the machine switches off automatically.


The inner drum of the COLORMAT C H.T. is available in following types of construvtions:


                                 1.  as Y drum, i. e. with three compartments



                                 2.  as open drum (option)


The inner drum is provided with a special perforation and is mirror-finished in a special process.


The heat exchanger for tje indirect heating and cooling is located in the outer drum and ensure heating and cooling speeds of max. 5 °C / 41 °F per minute at respective steam and water conditions.

It is also possible to cool down the machine directly from a liquor temperature of ≤ 98 °C / 208,4 °F. For this, optionally the machine overflow in order to rinse oils as well as the liquor drain valve can be used.


The sampling device is located in the upper third of drum cross-section.


The machine is equipped with a dosing system with four dosing tanks (standard) where all dyestuffs and auxiliaries can be prepared prior to operation start. Theses tanks are installed at the frame of the dyeing machine optionally on the left- or on the right-hand side.


The dosing system includes the water connections for:


             1.  soft water cold

             2.  soft water warm

             3.  hard water cold


For cleaning the tanks, a separat rinsing line is provided as well. The dosing is effected automatically by means of the machine control.


The drum of the machine is driven by a three-phase servo motor which covers the whole range of the dyeing as well as hydro extracting speeds.


All machine parts coming in contact with the dyeing liquor such as drum, heating device, valves, etc. are made of stainless steel, material no. 1.4571 or 1.4404 resp.


As a standard all switch cabinets are made of stainless steel and equipped with a cooling device.


The standard control unit of all drum dyeing machines is the Sedomat. The entry of programs into the control device is realized in dialogue in plain text via an LCD display. In automatic operation, the dyeing process is displayed as a graphic diagram and executed accordingly. The nominal and the real values are shown graphically and render possible a quick optical control of the dyeing process.


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Technische Daten


Dyeing capacity per batch (depending on the goods and quality to be dyed) Dyeing temperature max. drum volume Data sheet
COLORMAT C 300 H.T. 15 -35 kg 142 °C / 287,6 °F 340 l Download PDF
COLORMAT C 500 H.T. 20 - 55 kg 142 °C / 287,6 °F 600 l Download PDF
COLORMAT C 800 H.T. 40 - 90 kg 142 °C / 287,6 °F 950 l Download PDF
COLORMAT C 1200 H.T. 50 - 100 kg 142 °C / 287,6 °F 1.800 l Download PDF
COLORMAT C 1600 H.T. 80 -180 kg 142 °C / 287,6 °F 2.360 l Download PDF
COLORMAT C 2400 H.T. 100 - 240 kg 142 °C 3.050 l

Download PDF

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