The following prior conditions are important for an optimum treatment effect:


1.  Saturatde Steam


Saturated steam is the best heat conductor and guarantees a most gentle treatment of goods becausse of its ideal humidity content.


2.  Vacuum


The high vacuum preceding the steaming process guarantees an equal penetration of the goods to be treated. Furthermore, it accelerates the steam penetration throug the goods and, thus, reduces the process duration.


3.  Special Features of Proll & Lohmann Vaccuum Steamers


For an optimum treatment effect the correct arrangement of the steam supply is of greatest impotance.

Proll-&-Lohmann-steamers guarantee that no condensate will spoil th goods.

Because of the heated outer cover, condensate formation is prevented. Furthermore, it is possible to pre-heat the vacuum vessel. By this, condensate formation on cold goods is excluded.

The installed program control operates automatically. because of an exact reproducibility of the process, an equal optical result of the goods is guaranteed for  each batch.


4.  Versions of Proll & Lohmann Vacuum Steamer


Proll-&-Lohmann vacuum steamer are manufactured in most various versions and sizes. Please take this information from the enclosed data sheets.  





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In principle, two types of vacuum steamer are manufactured:


a)  Vacuum steamer with an admissible operating temperature of up to 97 °C / 206,6 °F.

     This steamer type is suitable especially for conditioning and stabilizing natural fibres.


b) Vacuum steamer with an admissible operating temperature of up to 140 °C / 284 °F.

    - max. pressure 3 bar

    - max. vacuum approx. 1 bar

    This steamer type is provided mainly for fixing natural and synthetic fibres.


All types of vacuum steamers are protected against corrosion by means of a special varnish.


To prevent the streaming-in steam from hitting the products, the vessel has an inner lining of aluminium sheet. Furthermore, this lining serves for an additional protection against eventual pollution by steam and condensate.


Alternatively, the complete vessel can be made of stainless steel DIN 1.4301.


The vaccuum steamers correspond to the prescritions of the German Technical Board TÜV (new pressure equipment directive 2014/68/EU) and will be accepted by this board.


Depending on the yarn's make-up and the internal transport system, different carriages for the goods are needed. These carriages are made either of aluminium sheets or of stainless steel.


As standard, yarn carriages are supplied.


Upon request, the supply of yarn cases, spool carriages and hank carriages is possible.


The standard equipment also includes the steam-pressure reducing valves with corresponding dirt traps.


In order to ensure that only absolutely dry steam is supplied, we recommend to use a steam drier in the seam line right in front of the vacuum steamer.


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