The COLORCOMBI is the ideal machine for dyeing polyamide, nylon, cotton, wool and their blends, also ready-to-wear garments.

By means of a high-capacity pump, the dyeing bath circulates parallel to the outer drum of the machine. This circulation results in a gentle recirculation of the dyeing bath in addition to the drum rotation. This process allows extremly gentle dyeing processes with low drum speeds.


In connecton with a multi-function dosing system, the liquor ratio remains unchanged when dosing chemicals and dyestuffs, as for the dosing process liquor from the machine can be used (istead of fresh water). Thus, rinse water accruing from the dosing process do not change the liquor ratio.


As a standard, all drum dyeing machines of the type COLORCOMBI can reach a maximum dyeing temperature of 104 °C (220 °F) at a pressure of 0,3 bar (4,35 psi). The outer drum is designed as a

low-pressure vessel in accordance with the valid precriptions of the German Technical Supervisory Board (TÜV).


The exterior drum is connected to the stable base frame of the machine by vibration absorbers so that a machine operation poor in vibrations is guaranteed. If the admissible unbalance is exceeded, the machine switches off automatically.


The inner drum is available in following types of construction:


                         1. as Y drum, i. e. with three compartments


                         2. as open drum


The inner drum is provided with a special perforation and is mirror-finished in a special process.


The heat exchanger for the indirect heating and cooling is located in the outer drum and ensures heating and cooling speeds of 5° C per minute at respective steam and water conditions.


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