P&L Proll & Lohmann

Under the familar brand name P&L Proll & Lohmann EZM maufactures EZM drum dyeing machines Colormat, Colorcombi as well as vacuum steamer.


Textile Finishing

The devision P&L of EZM manufactures textile finishing machines, dyeing machines and dye-house machines.


Drum dyeing machines

EZM manufactures under the brand name P&L drum dyeing machines for garment dyeing as well as hosiery dyeing and dyeing of pantyhoses.









Around the world, the Proll & Lohmann brand of EZM Edelstahlzieherei Mark – P&L for short – is a synonym for leading technology in the production of textile finishing machines. COLORMAT and COLORCOMBI are the brand names under which EZM produces drum dyeing machines that stand for top performance when it comes to dyeing textiles ranging from hosiery and seamless knitwear, all the way to bath mats. The innovative technology of our drum dyeing machines decisively improves the quality and cost-efficiency of production. The dyeing machines product segment is effectively supplemented by the VACUUMSTEAM vacuum steamer.

Unser Partner für Steuerungs- und Prozesstechnik:
Sedo Treepoint GmbH

Sedotreepoint_col96.jpg  www.sedo-treepoint.com












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