Chain Wheels / Guide Wheels

General information regarding EZM chain wheels


EZM supplies chain wheels which meet your demand.


Chain wheels are used in tensioning stations in order to guarantee the drive system of a conveyor chain, depending on the type of operation, whether in the grain industry, automobile industry, at powerplants or at mine sites. Chain wheels/drive pinions/gear wheels can ge produce to various specifications. Firstly , it is possible to manufacture chain wheels/drive pinions/gear wheels in a section design for simpler mounting on the  drive shaft. For this purpose, the chain wheels are bolted onto the shaft without having to disassemble the shaft first.


We not only produce chain wheels for trough conveyor chains, but rather also for roller chains, pintle chains or forged chains.


Our forged-chain wheels consist of a hub shell with unscrewed, interchangeable, hardened teeth segments.


Various materials can be worked at the customer`s request. For example, we can provide you with chain wheels for furnace chains in particularly heat-resistant materials. The same applies for conveyors which are used in the food industry and are to be produced from stainless steal grades.


All chain wheels can be made with dirt grooves and in a hardened design, from our own production. We manufacture in accordance with the respective customer´s wishes, for the type of use respectively needed.


We do not just manufacture chain wheels in large warehouse quantities, but rather also in single-unit productions, depending on what is required.


Guide wheels serve to guide the conveyor chain in the trough. At the customer´s request, guide wheels are available as round plates to serve as deflection pulleys for a simple redirection, or as a disc with guide slot and guiding profile, particularly for the deployment of forged chains.


Various materials can be used for guide wheels depending on the area of application, and are specifically chosen and manufactured for the functional range desired by the customer.




Different Chain Wheels


Diverse Kettenräder


Chain Wheel for Forged Chain

Kettenrad zur Gabelketter kpl. geteilt für den Einsatz im Bereich des Kohletransports


Idler for Forged Chain


Umlenkrad zur Gabelkette


Idler for Round Steel Chain










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