Bush conveyor chains, forged chains, fork-sprocket chains and round steel chains are frequently used in the glass industry.

Particularly in coal-fired power stations, forged chains, fork-sprocket chains and round steel chains are often used for transporting residues (such as ash). These chains are also available for high-temperature applications calling for resistance to 800°C and more.

We frequently manufacture bush conveyors with special designs for transport facilities. Some goods are also transported via apron conveyors with special rollers of conventional or low-maintenance design.


We have decades of experience in this field and can offer you the right solution for your application, too.





Apron conveyor chain, low-maintnance design


Apron conveyor chain, low-maintenance design


Single-strand forged chain without attachments


Einstranggalbelkette ohne Mitnehmer


Standard bush conveyor chain for machine and plant construction

Buchsenförderkette Standard für den Anlagen- und Maschinenbau


Maintenance-free roller



Wartungsfreie Laufrolle





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