We use the following components of the machine:


  • the machine frame
  • the inner and outer drum
  • the heating device
  • the dosing system
  • the door and the cover plate


The frame is completely derusted and blast cleaned, too rusty parts are replaced, the frame completely new varnished.


The outer drum.

  • The heating device is dismounted and checked, if necessary it is overhault, a pressure test is carried out.


  • Depending on the machine's age the stainless-steel plating inside the outer drum at the back wall can be demaged. This plating is cut out, the outer drum is blast cleaned, the back-wall plating is renewed and the heating device is assembled.


Now the machine is newly assembled:


  • Complete renewal of bearing, shock absorbers and bellows
  • Complete renewal of pneumatic system including valves and cylinders
  • Complete renewal of electrical system  including new valves and cylinders
  • All water and steam valves as well as hoses are replaced by new ones
  • The dosing device is cleaned and overhauled
  • A test run and a function test are carried out


Our strength for these very detailed and complex overhauls lies in the decades of experience of our technical specialists and our know-how in the field of general overhauls of dyeing machines and therefore offer our customers considerable advantages and guarantees compared to a machinery agents.


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